Blogs to Vlogs

So…it turns out I am a terrible blogger. The days have been long and mostly amazing, but by the time I get back to the hotel I really just want to fall into bed instead of blog.  Luckily my sister joined the adventure in Switzerland and we have been vlogging our way through Switzerland, back to Germany and now in Paris.  I will try and catch up with my actual blogs on my next flight, but in the meantime, if you want to see what has been happening check out these vlogs


Getting there…

Travel itself is rarely glamorous. Destinations are great, but the act of getting there is typically boring at it’s best and more often than not, cringe worthy. Sadly, my jaunt across the pond was longer and more frustrating than I had planned. A storm in Fort Lauderdale created a delay making me miss my connecting flight in Toronto which had my lovely comfy premium economy seat on it. Instead, I got a 4 hour stint in the Toronto international terminal and a middle seat in economy right next to a very unhappy 6 month old baby. An hour into the screaming child’s tantrum I remembered my nifty new noise cancellation headphones only to find out that apparently I left them on the previous flight.  Recognizing I was doomed, I popped a sleep aid and watched a terrible movie about a ski jumper and called it a day.

Berlin Day 1 –

Upon arrival I forced myself to leave the hotel and enjoy the city (and keep myself awake). On the advice of the hotel clerk I made it to hackescher markt where I wandered around delighted by a Saturday produce market, cafes on alleys and fabulous street artist music.  Having done no research and knowing nothing of the area I embarked on my “dazed and wandering” tour approach which mainly consists of seeing old looking buildings in the distance and walking towards them, looking for lovely places to have a beer and following English speaking Segway tours in the hopes of learning something. It was a delightful afternoon with beers on the river watching some sort of tango club, lots of old looking buildings and a meal of currywurst and beer while watching the football game in the rain.

Berlin Day 2 –

I had my sites set on the Berlin Wall Memorial but due to communication barriers my taxi driver took me to Brandenburg gate…which was fabulous and I wanted to go there anyway…so it all worked out.  From there I once again took the “Heather tour approach” and walked to the Reichstag building, wandered through the lovely tiergarten and ended up at the victory tower.  All of this while some sort of Tour de France style bike race was happening causing street closures and general confusion.  After much walking and map reading I finally made it to the Berlin Wall memorial. The fall of the wall was pretty much the first international incident I remember as a kid. It was awesome to see it in person and learn more about its history.  I ended the afternoon with a trip back to hackescher with more beers and lunch along the river and a trip to museum island where I wandered through the Nues Museum learning all sorts of thing about ancient Egypt and Rome.

I will end this blog post with “you know you are American when”…

-you eat lunch while everyone else has brunch and you are the first to dinner at 8:30PM

-you order grappa thinking it much just be german for wine and being sadly mistaken

-you had no clue that Pandora doesn’t work everywhere you go

Mega trips begins

The time has come to take the leap into the 21st century and turn my travel group emails into blog posts.  Welcome to Heather Off the Path.

After a 2 day drive across the western US to drop off Harper with the parents in Texas, it’s time to head to Florida, the Atlantic ocean and the Citrix headquarters. Stay tuned for updates on Mega Trip, where I will be heading to Europe and Asia all in the name of engaging employees and understanding more how we as a company can make a positive impact in this world. The itinerary is as follows: Berlin, Munich, Schaffhausen, Paris, Croatia, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok and finally Iowa…to ride my bike across the state in the name of wholesome fun and pie! Stay tuned and let the adventure begin!